Bruschetta Recipe

I am not Italian, nor to I pretend to be on TV. However, I do have my very own bruschetta recipe, and I’ve received many compliments. Be warned, however, I do not use measurements. Don’t worry too much, the ingredients all blend together for a nice flavour.


  • Chopped Tomatoes. Nice, ripe, red ones. I’ve even included some yellow ones in the past. I’ve also used small ones from my garden. You want them chopped in small pieces. I generally use around 2 cups, chopped, but you may want more or less depending on your group.
  • Onion. Preferably sweet, if you can find it, or purple if you cannot (it’s milder). Chop it very finely. I used about half an onion, but again, adjust according to your personal taste.
  • Garlic. You need lots. Minced. I use the preminced kind, packed in water. I buy the huge jug at Costco, but you can find it at your local grocery store.
  • Basil. Again, lots.  Preferably fresh. Dry will do in a pinch, but do try for fresh. By the way, it is really easy to grow, if you are so inclined. Chop it up.  Or do what I do, and cut it with scissors into small pieces. Much easier. Save a few leaves to garnish your final dish.  You can also include a bit of parsley if you like.
  • Balsamic Vinegar.  This is my (not so) secret ingredient.  I don’t know if traditionally this is involved or not.  I don’t care, it’s yummy.
  • Olive Oil.  The real stuff.
  • Parmesan cheese. Optional.  I don’t usually use it, but then, I usually serve it with Parmesan-herb crackers.
  • Black Pepper.  Freshly ground, if possible.  Seriously, if you don’t have one, get a pepper mill.


  1. Put your chopped tomatoes in a bowl.  Add the diced onion.  Mix Well.  Use a wooden spoon.  I seem to remember something about not using metal with tomatoes.  I don’t know if it’s true, or even why, but a wooden spoon is nice and gentle on the fruit.
  2. Add a generous dollop of minced garlic.  Think you added enough?  You didn’t, add a bit more. Mix well.
  3. Add a splash of olive oil.  Don’t add too much.  I tend to be stingy on the oils, because I want to keep the calories down. You can add more if you like.  You don’t want your dish to be too runny.  In fact, if there is a lot of juice from the tomatoes, you may want to pour a little bit off first.  Mix well.
  4. Add a generous splash of balsamic vinegar.  You will adjust this according to your taste.  I add more vinegar then oil, personally.  Mix well.
  5. Add in as much fresh basil as you have.  You want to be able to see green in your dish.  If you think it isn’t enough, add a bit of dried too.  Don’t be stingy with the basil.  Include the parsley too, if you have it.  Mix well.
  6. Grind black pepper over your dish and mix.  Again, add to your taste.
  7. If you are using Parmesan cheese, add it as well.

That’s it.  Easy as pie. (where did that saying come from?  Pie is not easy!!)

Put it in a pretty bowl with a pretty spoon.  If you managed to save a few basil leaves, add them around the edge (on one side) for garnish.  It’s all about the presentation.  Put a basket of crackers nearby, and just wait for the compliments.  Yum!


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