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Toy Review: Imagiplay Play Sets

Our most recent toy acquisition is the Imagiplay Arctic Expedition play set. I have to be honest, I was sceptical when I saw this, opting more for the zoo and safari sets (we got those too, but they are still in the toy cupboard). But I was pleasantly surprised when my son gravitated to this set:

Arctic Expedition Play Set by Imagiplay

He knew that it was an igloo, and I think that was the most fascinating part. He put the Inuit people on the sled, attached the dog (I showed him how, just once) and was pulling them around the table.

He loved the animals, and even pulled the polar bear and another seal from the zoo set to keep together.

Their toys are made from plantation-grown, chemical-free rubberwood (according to the company website) and the quality looks good so far. The pieces are chunky without too many tiny details (that could break in little hands!) and just the right size.

Imagiplay is proud of their toys, and the even talk about their manufacturing process right on their website. While the toys are still made overseas (Sri Lanka, Vietnam and some carefully selected factories in China the company is open and honest about their process and their products. Very refreshing!

I would strongly recommend this and the other playsets that they offer. We have opened the zoo set but when we opened this one, the zoo set was pushed aside. I am sure it will be picked up later!

We are in no way affiliated with the company, but we are very impressed with their products and business practices!