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Recipe Review: Chick Pea Burgers

On my other blog I talk a lot about my two children. One of the issues that has come up with them lately is food. Now what mother doesn’t have feeding issues with their children – too much, too little, the wrong stuff…you get the idea.

If you looked at our meal plan this week, one of the items on it was Chick Pea Burgers. This was a new recipe for me, so, as I always do with a new recipe, I tried to follow it as written. I did substitute green pepper for the red (didn’t have any red) and used a bit less chili powder.

Here’s the batter, after mixing:

Chick Pea Burger Batter Doesn’t look like that much, to be honest. However, I decided, instead of shaping it into burgers, to create small nuggets. And, since the batter was fairly thick, I thought about cutting these nuggets into shapes.

So I dug through my miscellaneous kitchen stuff drawer (you know you have one too), and pulled out some tiny cookie cutters. I patted the dough on a cutting board, used the cutters to cut out shapes, and fried them in a pan like in the recipe.Chick Pea Burgers Frying

Here are the burgers frying up in a frying pan. I cooked them with a little bit of oil and some cooking spray.

As an alternative to frying, I also tried baking them in my toaster oven. I liked that much better (less labour intensive, more even cooking). I sprayed the toaster cookie sheet with cooking spray and then cooked them at 375 for 10 minutes per side. All toasters are different, so you would have to play with it to see.

Chick Pea Burgers on a PlateHere are the nuggets, as I now call them, on a plate. (By the way, if you see these plates anywhere, could you let me know? They’ve been discontinued, and we want to get some more of the glasses that go with them, to replace the ones we have broken.)

Of course, the real test of a food being good or not comes after eating. Since my older son was at school, I had the younger one give them a try:

Chick Pea Burgers Being Eaten

I think because of the shape he didn’t realize it was food at first, but once he did, his verdict was a resounding “mo! Mo! (more)”

The true test, however, comes with the preschool boy, who, lately, has stopped eating much of anything. We weren’t quite as successful with him – he took just one bite and then left the table to go play. Which is a regular occurrence for him, unfortunately.

Overall, I think the recipe was a partial success. I will try again with my older boy, who ate only noodles today. The younger one ate 7 nuggets, so I’d say he liked it!