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Menu Plan Monday: April 21st, Passover Edition

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning!  This week, Jewish people around the world will be celebrating the festival of Passover.  In a nutshell, this means that we avoid any bread or other items made with wheat.  The exception, of course, being Matzah, a flat, unleavened cracker.

The holiday started on Saturday night with the first of two big dinners (called Seders).  Our menu this week will follow Passover tradition.  Unfortunately for me, this holiday is a big meat eating holiday (after removing all grains, pasta & legumes, there’s not much left), so my menu will reflect that.  By the way, my husband, a (semi) reformed meat & potatoes guy loves Passover.  Me? Not so much.

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Monday – Leftovers from our dinner last night.  Brisket, Matzah farfel (a kind of stuffing), vegetable puffs, cauliflower-leek kugel, french beans with mango & pine nuts

Tuesday – Dinner @ my husband’s grandmother.  Likely to consist of 4 kinds of meat, boiled potatoes and an iceberg lettuce salad.  Seriously.  I’ll probably eat only chicken soup.

Wednesday – Matzah lasagna. (finally, meat free!).  This is just like a regular lasagna, but instead of noodles, pieces of matzah are used.  Green salad.

Thursday – Baked chicken breast with honey mustard topping; roast potatoes; some sort of green vegetable (snow peas, perhaps)

Friday – EIther a roasted turkey breast, or a baked salmon fillet.  Quinoa (the only grain actually allowed on passover) and a vegetable.

Saturday – another night of leftovers.  Probably a matzaroni & cheese casserole for lunch.

Sunday – It’s all over!  Probably take away chinese food! Yum!

If you celebrate, Happy Passover!!