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New Year, new priorities?

The new year is a time for retrospection and introspection for many, and a time to look forward.  There are a few things in the works on this blog, and I’d like to offer a preview.

Our family follows a predominantly vegetarian lifestyle.  We are not pure vegetarians, and we do still eat meat (chicken & fish, mostly) several time each week.  I will be offering weekly menus for those who would like to reduce their meat intake, or are just looking for some help with cooking for their family.  These menus will include recipes.  Most will be quick and relatively easy, and all will be balanced and suitable for families with children. The menu will be posted for Mondays.

We will also be taking requests!  That’s right.  Do you have an event to plan?  A special meal to make?  A cooking conundrum?  Send me your questions, and I will answer them as best as I can.  Questions should be related to feeding your family (children included), and should related to our predominantly vegetarian lifestyle.  You can email your questions (please! Please!) to urbanmummy at gmail dot com.

Another feature you will find will deal with education.  I have 2 young children, and am embarking on a journey of their education.  While the older one does go to preschool (and the younger one will next year, my goodness), we still do some homeschooling and educational activities here at home, and I would like to document our journey.

It’s going to be a good year here.  Please be sure and join us!