How things have changed…

I gave up blogging a long time ago, because, well, life just got too crazy, and something had to give. In the interim, I’ve taken some time off from teaching, got pregnant & gave birth to my third child, spent time with her, bought a house, moved, and now I’m back at work, at a brand spanking new job, and my daughter is 2.

Wow how time flies.

Here’s a picture of some of the characters in my life right now.

First, there is Linus, a 7-year old boy in grade 2. Very smart, complete underachiever. Not a fan of team sports, a killer smile and a big mouth to accompany it.

Then we have Stewie. He’s 5-years old according to the calendar, but significantly older in spirit and soul. Ruled by his stomach, he’s been known to out eat even his father. He’s 1 pound lighter and and 1 inch shorter than his older brother. He is quiet (except when home with me!), confident, and has a bit of an attitude.

Finally, there’s my little girl. 2 years old with a tonne of hair, and an attitude to match! She’s talkative, inquisitive, and incredibly cute. She was my miracle baby, the third child I never realized I wanted!

And me? I’m a working mom, back in the classroom teaching after 3 years away. I’m teaching middle school now, after many many years of high school. It’s hectic, it’s busy, but it’s lots of fun!

So many things have happened that I wanted to document, and so here I am.


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