Menu Plan Monday: August 18th

Menu Plan Monday

It’s been a very busy summer!  We just returned from week up north, and after all that greasy fattening resort food, we need to get back into the meal planning routine!  We’re stepping up our vegetarian intake this week, and keeping our carniverous night to Friday only.

For lots more fun menu plans, visit the Org Junkie.  You won’t be sorry!

This week our menu looks like this:

Monday: Big bowl of noodle soup & salad, veggie burgers for the kids

Tuesday:Broccoli polenta served with “meat” (seitan) with broccoli & spinach, salad (recipes from Veganomicon)

Wednesday: Out for dinner with the family, back to school shopping for the kids!

Thursday: Homemade pizza

Friday: Mayonnaise-chutney/curry chicken, rice, sauteed veggies

Saturday: Tortellini with creamy mushroom sauce, salad

Sunday: Leftovers or a roast chicken from the grocery store



One response to “Menu Plan Monday: August 18th

  1. I’d love to hear about your creamy mushroom sauce. It sounds delicious!

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