Menu Plan Monday: June 16th

Menu Plan Monday

It’s been such a hectic couple of months here in our household. The school year is winding down (although it’s not done yet) and I’ve been doing a lot of tutoring and other preparations. Makes meal planning (and cooking, actually) very difficult! Only 2 more weeks, then I’m done! Yay!

For lots more fun menu plans, visit <a href=”; target=”_blank”>the Org Junkie</a>.  You won’t be sorry!

This week our menu looks like this:

Monday: Broccoli & Mushroom crustless quiche, a variation of Quinoa & Wheatberry Pilaf, green salad

Tuesday: Order in Pizza (I’m having my physics students over for afternoon study session & food always goes with teenagers!)

Wednesday: Baked chicken, pasta with tomato sauce, vegetable

Thursday: Tacos (veggie)

Friday: Unknown. Probably something take away, to end a long week!


One response to “Menu Plan Monday: June 16th

  1. The quiche sounds yummy – too bad no one else in my family will eat mushrooms!

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