Menu Plan Monday: March 31st

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning!  March is almost over.  I am so glad.  It’s been a very lion-like March around here.  My spring break is still over 2 weeks away (as a teacher in a private school, I truly miss the standard March Break) and I’m counting the minutes!

Simple meals this week, in keeping withe my mode of overstressed!

Visit the Org Junkie for more exciting meal plans. There are lots of them. Go and see!

Monday – Vegetarian Meatballs cooked in a mushroom gravy, rice, green salad

Tuesday – Chili from the freezer, leftover rice and baked corn chips

Wednesday – Some sort of pasta. Any suggestions?

Thursday – Homemade pizza (premade crust this time), salad
Friday – Mayonnaise Chutney chicken, mashed potatoes, grilled portobello mushrooms.  (recipe to follow)

Have a good week!


2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: March 31st

  1. Sounds like a great plan! I’d love to see a recipe for the Chutney chicken or grilled portobellows. I love those.

  2. Thanks for the link to the baked corn chips! I’ve bookmarked it, and I’m looking forward to trying it.
    Hope you get to have some peaceful moments in the weeks leading up to spring break!
    So, what are you going to put on your pizza? I always love trying out different pizza toppings!
    Michele 🙂

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