Menu Plan Monday: March 10th

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning and welcome!  It’s a long week this week. My son is on March Break, so he’ll be home with The Nanny all week without a break for her.  I have to work more then usual this week, including 2 nights tutoring.  Simple, therefore, is of the essence!

Visit the Org Junkie for more exciting meal plans. There are lots of them. Go and see!

Monday – Shepherd’s Pie (vegetarian), miso soup & green salad

Tuesday – Asian style grilled tilapia, fried rice, sesame broccoli & asian sprout salad

Wednesday -Pasta with chickpeas & vegetables in a creamy curry sauce (from Vegan Planet)

Thursday – Leftovers, prob’ly, or pierogies

Friday – Some sort of baked chicken with a variety of side dishes (probably with the mothersister)

Saturday – out to dinner! Yay!  Going to a show and (hopefully) dinner for hubby’s birthday

Sunday – leftovers or something simple from the freezer


3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: March 10th

  1. Great menu. 🙂 I recently tried a vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe, and it was delicious! (this one used salsa) We plan to have it again soon.

    Enjoy dinner out, and Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. It all looks so good- especially the curry sauce!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck on your long week.
    Michele 🙂

  3. Looks good, especially the Tilapia. Saved that as a must-try. Have a great week!


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