Menu Plan Monday: March 3rd

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning and welcome!

Nothing extra special going on this week, I’m going to try to actually do a bit of cooking, but who knows if it will work out! We didn’t get all of our meals made last week – I had parent-teacher interviews on Wednesday, so it was take away all the way!

Visit the Org Junkie for more exciting meal plans. There are lots of them. Go and see!

Monday – Stir fry veggies with tofu and big thick noodles

Tuesday – Squash & corn polenta with mushroom sauce (several recipes put together, experiment – will post if it works!)

Wednesday – zucchini tacos with black bean dip & spanish rice

Thursday – Leftovers, prob’ly

Friday – pot luck dinner at our synagogue.


2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: March 3rd

  1. Sounds like a yummy week for you!

  2. Your vegetarian meals sound soooo delicious.

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