Menu Plan Monday: February 4th

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning and welcome!

Last week was a bit of a write off – everyone was sick at our house, most significantly, me! Some of our meals are a hold over from last week as a result.

Visit the Org Junkie for more exciting meal plans. There are lots of them. Go and see!


Breakfast Oatmeal with apple sauce, yogurt
Lunch Tofu nuggets (from Deceptively Delicious)
Dinner Three Vegetable Curry served with rice (subsititute squash for carrots) [it never got made last week]


Breakfast French toast (freezes nicely, by the way), yogurt
Lunch Homemade macaroni & cheese, green vegetables
Dinner Nanny’s choice – something with chicken, most likely, or turkey scallopini


Breakfast Cold breakfast – cereal, yogurt, fruit
Lunch Beans & Rice, carrots
Dinner Big pot of miso soup with noodles, tofu, egg & bok choy


Breakfast Pancakes, yogurt
Lunch Spinach Squares, noodles, green vegetable
Dinner Out to a restaurant! Yay!


Breakfast Omelette, toast or muffins, yogurt
Lunch Grilled cheese sandwiches, green vegetable
Dinner Chicken of some sort – dinner with the mothersister-in-law

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