Recipe Review: Pink Pancakes

Okay, so I’m late getting on the bandwagon. So many bloggers have mentioned, given away, and reviewed this book.

Not feeling the need to actually hide vegetables in my children’s food, I didn’t feel the urge to buy the book. But since my 3 year old has now decided he can live on fruit, noodles and air, I’m seeking new and interesting food to give him. Even so, I didn’t know if I wanted to buy the book, but recently a friend of mine lent it to me.

This morning the Taxman & I made pink pancakes. I made the batter, and he cooked them up. For those of you that don’t have the book, the basic idea of these pancakes is that you mix some beet puree, some ricotta cheese, a bit of cinammon and shredded apple into a prepared pancake mix.

Pink Pancake Batter


The batter was a bit runny, and a bright pink colour. We didn’t have ricotta cheese, so I used cottage cheese that I pureed in a small food processor.




Taxman Making Pancakes

The Taxman got into the act this morning. Our general routine has him making pancakes on Saturday mornings. This week we moved our pancake day to Sunday, but he was still our resident pancake flipper.

That pink circle in the air? Pancake flipping.

Pink Pancakes on a Plate


Check out these pancakes! They are not QUITE as fluorescent pink as they look, but they were quite bright. We ended up putting a bit extra pancake mix in our batter because it was a bit runny. The thicker batter resulted in fluffier pancakes.

I wasn’t so certain about these, to be honest.  The real test, of course, is the children.

Stewie eats pink pancakes The little one, Stewie? Well, yes, he ate them.  But I must be honest, he eats most anything these days (including snow) so he’s not the most reliable judge.

The real test, of course, is the Big one, my Happy Boy.  Since he turned 3, he’s become much more picky.

Linus eats pink pancakes

He ate them.  4 of them for breakfast, 1 for snack, and the last 2 for lunch.  When we asked him, he told us he liked them not for the taste, but because they are pink.  Pink and red are his favourite colours.

I’ll take what I can get!


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