A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Prelude

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving does not hold the same significance as it does in the United States. it’s in October (Columbus day to you Americans), and it’s on a Monday. It is not preceeded by the busiest day of the year in the airports, and it is not followed by the biggest shopping day of the year. It is, quite simply, another day off.

However, having parents who are from the US, Thanksgiving was significant to me growing up. Every year after we moved to Canada, we would pile ourselves in the car and drive down to New York (not the city) to spend this glorious holiday with our family. Sometime after I went away to University, I stopped regularly joining in on this annual pilgrimage, participating only occasionally, as my schedule would allow.

Before I got married, oh so many years ago, I hosted a thanksgiving party for a bunch of my friends. At the time, I was completely vegetarian, and therefore my thanksgiving party was as well. My friends thought I was a bit crazy, but everyone had a great time, and enjoyed the dinner.

I’ve had a request (Hi Lylah!) to post some ideas for a vegetarian thanksgiving party. I will be posting my suggestions in a separate post later today or tomorrow.  Be sure to come back and see!


One response to “A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Prelude

  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. Some of these I already do, so the point resonated most strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
    I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for shopping, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway.
    Doug C

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