Name Your Tune

When The Happy Boy was born, I was all about the creative gift.  I liked finding things that other people didn’t have, from clothing to toys to room decor.  So when I found the Name Your Tune CD at a local craft fair, I was hooked.

We bought that CD for him over 2 years ago, and it’s gotten a lot of use.  He loves to hear the songs with this name in them, and so do I.  Now that we have a second little boy, it would be nice to have some songs with his name, too.

Convenient then, that there is a contest to win one over at The Laughs will go On. Have a look, but don’t enter – I want to win!


2 responses to “Name Your Tune

  1. Hey! I also love creative gifts!! 🙂 They are so much more fun…especially when they are personalized too! Good luck in the contest!!

  2. I noticed from Laura’s Blog that you are mostly vegetarian! So, I could use some help…if you can….

    We’re having 5 students from AZ State Univ. for Thanksgiving…all are vegetarians and several with no eggs. We will serve turkey, but got any other dish ideas for me?

    Thanks and blessings! Lylah

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