Menu Plan Monday: November 5th

Welcome to my “other” blog! I’m all about the planning these days, and so I’ve started a new place to keep track! Menu Plan Mondays are repeated at both sites, but recipes and other tidbits will only be here! Feel free to comment and join in!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Homemade Pizza with lots of veggies; Green salad
Tuesday: Something with chicken. It’s The Nanny’s night to cook (and choose) and she generally doesn’t tell me what she’s making in advance. I’m okay with this.
Wednesday: Couscous with broccoli & Chick peas
Thursday: Barley Mushroom casserole
Friday: I don’t know. We have parent’s night at The Happy Boy’s preschool, so we will probably make sandwiches or something.



2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday: November 5th

  1. i am interested in giving a christmas drop in for my neighbors and would like to have some ideas. i am going to have probably 20-25 people would like to do this a cheaply as possible. can you please help with a menu and recipes thanks barbara

  2. Barbara, we have a drop in Christmas party for our friends
    every year….email me if you want some ideas 🙂

    Urban Mummy, LOVE your new blog!!!! GREAT idea!

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